An Easy Gift for the Holidays

Every year around this time we see an increase in clients looking for Christmas gift ideas.  Last year, we had Melanie approach us with a vision for a Christmas gift for her husband.  Their three year old Border terrier Easy holds a special place in the couple’s heart and she thought some photographs of him would be the perfect addition to their home, and a great surprise for her husband.

We traveled to the Bay-view and York mills area in north Toronto for a consultation with Melanie in her beautiful home.  She and her interior designer created a contemporary space with a mid-century twist.  It was warm and inviting, and we were promptly greeted by Easy.  It’s always interesting to get a first impression of a client’s pet.  We could see right off the bat that Easy is very playful and friendly.  We sat down with Melanie and she gave us some more information about her dog; he’s intense and determined, but loves bouncing around and making funny facial expressions.  She decided that she’d want to focus on Easy’s fun loving personality and that is the side of her pet that we would really focus on when photographing him.

After the consultation, we sat down and discussed how we would best be able to encapsulate this little dog’s big personality. Melanie told us that Easy loves food, chewing on things, and chasing things about.  It was clear that we had to bring out our squeaky stuffed animal toys to really capture the friendly and energetic side of Easy. Sometimes our clients approach us and have little to no idea of what they want, only that they love their pet and want to hold on to their unique personality through photography.  Melanie knew what she wanted and that her and her husband would hang Easy’s artworks in a prominent location in one of their stairways.  After the photoshoot Melanie surprised her husband on Christmas morning, and a few weeks later came in with their interior designer for an ordering session.

We were so excited to show Melanie the photographs we had captured on our big screen projector, and discuss printing and framing options in our ordering session.  Melanie, her husband, and their interior designer were immediately drawn to having these photographs as metal prints with black flush mount frames.  We agreed that six 20” x 20” photographs would fit perfectly in their space and add a unique touch to an already stunning home. We had a great time helping Melanie carry out this surprise for her husband and we’re glad we could add a timeless and sentimental arrangement of art to their home.

Icare, Simeon, Lucas and Evita

Bonjour et bienvenue à la……studio? 

There is probably a word for studio en français, but if there’s anyone who doesn’t know what that word is, it’s Sebastian! My ignorance of the French language is nearly total, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to pretend like I knew what I was talking about when Icare, Siméone, Lucas and Evita dropped by. 

This charming family of Dachshunds came to the Jason KB Photo studio all the way from Montreal! Now that is a long drive. I hope they left the windows open….. 

Anyway, once these darling Dachshunds arrived, it quickly became clear that these French-speaking dogs were going to be a handful. All they wanted to do was run around and play and not listen to any of Angus’s directions. So uncommon for a group of dogs, right? I figured it must be the language barrier that was causing problems. Not to worry! Sebastian to the rescue!

I took it upon myself to translate for Icare, Siméone, Lucas and Evita, although to be honest, I’m not sure how well I did. Each time I would “translate” they would stand instead of sit, fetch instead of jump, and roll over instead of lie down. I’m guessing that my translating skills could use a little work. 

In any case, Jason was able to get some really great shots. Icare is the biggest, even though he’s still just a pup, Siméone’s got the spots, Lucas has the long reddish-brown hair, and Evita has the sleek, short, black fur. You can see even more great photos on our facebook page. 

À bientôt!

- Sebatian 

Daisy and Lulu

Once upon a time, Sebastian went on a diet. 

After about thirty minutes, and six milk bones, I decided the dieting life wasn’t for me and instead, I would just have to embrace being Big, Blonde and Beautiful.

Temptation isn’t just my friend, it’s my lifelong companion and soulmate. Which is something I can’t say for two recent guests to the Jason KB Photo Studio. 

Meet Daisy and Lulu, a big and little sister combo of Weimaraners that face the temptation of cats, squirrels and various small rodents that Toronto has to offer on a daily basis. Weimaraners are known for their hunting prowess, prey drive and amazing physique, but unfortunately for this fit duo, those tempting critters are out of their reach. For Daisy and Lulu, it’s like being on a permanent diet. If my thirty minutes of dieting taught me anything, it’s that not being able to eat what you want, when you want, is enough to make any dog howl in frustration. 

I have to admit, though, the diet seems to be working. Standing next to Daisy and Lulu while they strutted and posed for Jason’s camera, I felt a lot like (how I would imagine) any average human being might feel standing next to a pair of Brazilian beach volleyball players. 

And on that note, perhaps it’s time for me to reconsider that diet. 


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