If you love Sebastian and you know it, clap you hands wag your tail! 

This week’s guest to the Jason KB Studio was cute and cuddly, friendly and funny, and oh-so-charming. Meet Igor, an adorable little pug with an adorable little personality to match. 

Igor is my kind of dog. He knows the value of, and the difference between, a doze, a snooze, a nap, and sleep. They’re each specific categories of rest and relaxation and it’s so rare that I meet a kindred spirit who shares my enthusiasm for defining each. Igor and I began to discuss these specifics, but alas, we both eventually dozed off before we got too far. Apparently, that’s just how it always goes for Igor in his condo. He’s a lucky little dog, that’s for sure!

Have a look at some shots of Igor below to see his cuteness  for yourself, and don’t forget to check out the Jason KB Photo facebook page for even more great photos!

And as for me, I feel a nap coming on. Until next time!



If there’s one thing Sebastian loves, it’s chasing after squirrels. 

If there’s two things Sebastian loves, it’s chasing some squirrels followed by a nice long session of shooting the breeze, chatting about the good ol’ times and being called a young whippersnapper. 

Meet Homer. Like his famous Greek namesake, this dog’s a gentleman and a scholar. 

Homera Labrador retriever-German shepherd-collie mix, recently stopped by the Jason KB Photo Studio to have his picture taken. Homer’s an older gent, and as such, he was under the impression that he would have to sit still for a few minutes while each photo was taken. After he got over his amazement at the “newfangled” instant photography technology, he started right in with the “Back in my day…..” advice and life lessons.

Homer went on and on, telling me all about the best home remedies for getting rid of ticks and how to fix a leaky doghouse roof when supplies are at a minimum. By the end, Homer fell asleep mid-sentence and I got so bored that I chased my tail round and round in circles until I threw up. 

And that, I think, is a pretty standard end to a tête-à-tête of dog generations young and old. 

Have a look at some very distinguished and debonair photos of Homer below. 

Don’t forget to check out the Jason KB Photo facebook page for even more great photos!


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