Jason KB and the City - Trinity Bellwoods

Welcome back to Jason KB and the City!

Last time, we told you all about the Bloor West Village Animal Hospital and the lovely Jason KB art on display there. This week, it’s time to head to Trinity Bellwoods and The Dog Bowl.

The ravine in Trinity Bellwoods Park, also sometimes referred to as the dog bowl, plays home to an off-leash dog park that is super popular with residents and visitors alike. Just north of the park, across Dundas St. West, is where you’ll find The Dog Bowl.

The Dog Bowl carries a variety of natural pet products from leading eco-friendly North American- made brands. The Dog Bowl prides itself on being able to locally source as many of their products as possible and they’re happy to help you, and your pet, find just the right product. The Dog Bowl is fairly new to Trinity Bellwoods, so why not head on down to Trinity Bellwoods Park with your furry companion for a day of fun and sun and then stop by The Dog Bowl afterwards? Don’t forget to check out the Jason KB Photo art display while you’re shopping and be sure and say ‘Hi!’ from us!

The Dog Bowl 
984 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON
M6J 1W6
416-645 - BOWL (2695)

Cod the Horse

Sebastian is feeling a little hoarse horse!
Say ‘hello’ to one of the most unique Jason KB clients - Cod the thoroughbred racing horse!
Horses can be a little intimidating to a dog, on account of the size-difference and their powerful-kicking-and-possible-hoof-to-the-face capabilities. Once I got to know him though, Cod turned out to be one of the most mellow and friendly guys I’ve ever met. Turns out, Cod had all the makings of a champion race horse, but was just too lazy to win any races. 
Helllllllllooo kindred spirit! Being great is great, but being lazy is fun. Cod and I bonded immediately over this life philosophy. He reminisced about the good ol’ days of not really trying to win races, and I told him about my writing “career” doing Jason’s blogs. Then we took a nap. Reminiscing is hard work. 
If you’re wondering about the donkey, much like I was, it’s not because Cod is looking to audition for Shrek: The Musical. Turns out, in addition to being a champion horse that never won any races, Cod also doesn’t like to be alone, so Gigi the donkey goes everywhere with him. I smell a sitcom!
Enjoy some photos of the pair below. Check out them gams! For even more photos, be sure to head on over to the Jason KB Photo facebook page


Please welcome Sebastian to the stage!


Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs and chew-toys of all ages. 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that Hazel, the other Jason KB studio cat besides Walter, used to be an opera singer? No, really. In her day, she was the talk of the town and the bright lights of Broadway reflected in her eyes. That is, until Sarah Brightman beat her out for the lead in Phantom of the Opera. After that, her dreams were crushed and she left the world of music for life at Jason’s studio and never looked back. Nowadays, she takes it easy and all that’s left of her former musical glory days is her penchant for Broadway musicals. Morning, noon and night myself and the rest of the boys at the Jason KB studio are forced to listen to endless showtunes while Hazel caterwauls sings along. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because the Jason KB studio recently found itself in our very own version of West Side Story. Tristan (the handsome poodle pictured below) is another studio dog. He and his proud mama, Toronto fashion photographer Nadia Cheema, stopped by the studio to have some photographs done awhile back. 

I tell you, it was exactly like West Side Story, except without the music, dancing, girl to fight over and finger snapping….on account of the fact that dogs paws aren’t good for snapping. 

You know what, on second thought, I may have actually slept through Tristan’s visit to the studio and just had a dream about West Side Story.

Things that make you go “Hmmmm,” amiright? 

Anyway, enjoy some photos of Tristan below and have a look at his mom’s work at www.nadiac.com.  As usual, you can find more photos of Tristan on the Jason KB Photo facebook page.


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