Roll Over!

My animal family has had a bit of a strange upbringing.  They spend countless hours hanging out in my Toronto studio.  As such they have been photographed hundreds of times as test subjects for projects that I am working on.  They have also had the opportunity to learn lots of crazy tricks from Angus, my studio manager and animal handler.  Check out these photos of my beloved animals rolling over.  Join us on facebook to see how Angus works behind the scenes to get a subject to roll over.

Walter, have you no self respect?!?  A cat pretending to be a dog?!? [cats around the world avert their eyes and meow in disgust]

Sebastian is one smart dog.  This retriever loves to show off his repertoire of tricks.  “Roll over?  You got it boss!”

Jack is my family’s dog.  He hasn’t spent as much time in the studio, but he has picked up a few tricks as well.  Good job buddy!

Fender and Pontiac

Best friends Fender (Cairn Terrier) and Pontiac (Labrador Retriever) came to my Toronto studio to be photographed together.  I often photograph multiple animals at once, but rarely has it been as easy as with these dogs.  I could have sworn they were practicing their poses in advance of the shoot to make the most of their time with me.  Take a look at the photos we captured of these adorable dogs.  To keep up to date with the latest Jason KB Photo happenings be sure to ‘like’ us on facebook.

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