Pug Casting Call!

Do you know a pug who wants to be famous?  Jason KB Photo, Toronto’s premier animal photography studio,  is looking for pugs to photograph for an upcoming film project by award winning Canadian filmmaker Stephen Dunn.  The chosen pug might also get a chance to star in the film!  Wow!

Interested pugs must be well tempered and available the evening of Wednesday November 30th for a photoshoot in Jason KB Photo’s downtown studio.  Trained pugs are preferred.

As a thank you for taking part in the shoot, the chosen pug will receive a 16” x 20” print from Jason KB Photo (a $135 value!).

Interested pugs should contact Stephen (stephen.dunn@ryerson.ca) directly and post photos to the Jason KB Photo facebook page.



That’s Dog for ‘Hello’, in case you weren’t aware.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Sebastian has taken over the blog once again! Rejoice!

I’d like to introduce you to a mischievous character we had stop by the studio a couple months ago. His name’s Whiskey, and with a name like Whiskey, you’d think there would be certain things one could assume about his personality, prior to meeting. For instance, I assumed Whiskey would be the type of dog I could share a pint with down at the local brewhouse. Was I ever misinformed! Whiskey was one of the most athletic dogs I have ever met, and he’s really into personal health and fitness. So, unfortunately for me, no trips down to the pub this time!

Whiskey was all about feats of prowess and strength. He had the strongest prey drive I’ve ever seen and he kept challenging everyone to foot races.


In all seriousness, Whiskey is a charming young fellow with brains to match his brawn. Enjoy some photos of him below, and check out that physique!

- Sebastian

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