Weekly Sebastian Post - Playing in the Sand

Jason KB Photo :: Pet Photographer Toronto

Weekly Sebastian Post - Playing in the Sand

Here are this week’s pictures of my dog Sebastian.  These ones are from a family canoe trip to Algonquin Park back in July.  Sebastian’s favourite past times include swimming, fetching, chewing sticks, and digging in the sand.  Here are some pics of him digging for treasure on the private beach at our campsite.

I think I’ve almost made it!  Whatever is down there smells REALLY good!  I think it must be a stick!

All tuckered out after digging.

Hmm?  What’s that I hear?

It could be one of those flying sticks I like so much!  I’d better go check it out.

Stanley the Snake

Jason KB Photo :: Toronto Pet Photography

Meet Stanley, my first reptilian client.  She is a gorgeous one year old ball python that loves to slither around and explore her surroundings.  Don’t worry folks, she is non-venomous, doesn’t bite, and is an all around friendly snake.

Stanley - Ball Python

Stretching out.

What are you looking at Stanley?

Now you know how snakes climb stairs!


Jason KB Photo :: Pet Photographer Toronto


Meet Kelev, an adorable little Bichone Frise that I took some in home portraits of.

Sleepy after a hard day’s work

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