Hello dogs and dames! Sebastian here again.

After a light breakfast of kibble strawberries with clotted cream and pink champagne, I thought I’d peruse through some of Jason’s older work. It turns out, not all of his photo sessions have made it onto the blog. When he asked me to act as a blog writer for him, I thought it was because he was such a fan of my prose. Now, I suspect, it’s just because he wants me to do his work for him. The sly devil. Next time he walks by I’m going to “accidentally” swipe him with my tail. How do you like them apples, Jason?

Anyway, without further ado, may I introduce: Ralph. Ralph’s a handsome mini schnauzer. Now, at the time when Ralph dropped by the studio, I still hadn’t graduated from *cough*journalismschool*cough*, so, I never got the chance to interview him, but here’s what the boys had to say about his trip to Jason KB Photo:

Ralph’s a really great dog. Very sweet. He was a little nervous at first and a wee bit scared, but after awhile, he got comfortable and his personality really came to the fore. He really opened up after the first few frames and started telling, what must be, his favorite joke. He kept saying, “I mustache you a question; do you like my mustache?” He was really great, really very sweet. He also loves his marrow bones! Sebastian tried to sneak a nibble, but Ralph insisted there simply wasn’t enough to go around. If he let Sebastian have a bite, then Jason and Angus would surely want some too, and there simply wasn’t enough for that! What a character. All in all, we had a great time with Ralph!

Not enough to go around, indeed. Do you see that size of that marrow bone?! All I wanted was a taste, Ralph. Just a taste! I guess with a mustache like yours, you’re used to getting your way. Anyway folks, enjoy some photos of Ralph below!

- Sebastian

Everyone’s Talking About Jason KB Photo

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Chi Chi

Who wants a treat?!

Sebastian is back again!

I’ve just returned home from my weekly Irish dance lesson (Don’t laugh! It’s a beautiful form of expression!), and I’m reminded of a charming little fellow that we had the pleasure of hosting at our Toronto studio not too long ago. His name was Chi Chi and rumour had it that this dog was a fantastic dancer.

With a name like Chi Chi, one can only expect fabulousness, and I’m happy to report, Chi Chi did not disappoint. He walked into the studio like he owned the place and had everyone eating out of his paw within five minutes. Everyone except Walter that is, but Walter’s a bit of a moody know-it-all, and no one really likes him, anyway.

Chi Chi and I bonded immediately. That’s the way it is amongst dancers. We just understood each other’s passion so perfectly. I tried to engage him in a dance-off, throwing down some of my fiercest Irish Dance moves, but Chi Chi was having none of it. After some encouragement from Angus, Chi Chi finally agreed to show us some of his moves– but only if we all turned away and didn’t look at him! I guess he’s a little bashful.

Anyway, we were all able to catch a glimpse or two of this graceful dog in action, but for the most part, we’ll just have to take his word.

Below are some photos of the playful Chi Chi. Enjoy!


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