Sienna, an adorable boxer, came to my studio with her three sisters: cats - Jazz and Sydney, and a basset hound named Indy (stay tuned for more on her).  Sienna was a sucker for squeaky toys so we had no problem getting some great playful shots of her.  What is it about that horrible noise that makes dogs go wild?!?

Sienna - Boxer

Jazz and Sydney

Meet Jazz and Sydney, two gorgeous cats who recently came to my studio to be photographed.  Jazz (black cat) loved having her picture taken, especially since she got to play with my awesome flying cat toys.  Sydney was a little camera shy, but with a bit of patience we got some nice portraits of her nonetheless.

Jazz - Cat

Sydney - Cat


Have you ever wondered what happens when a German shepherd and a chow chow fall in love (…at least for a couple minutes) and have puppies?  Well, apparently what happens is the creation of lovable little teddy bear dogs like Taz, who I recently photographed in my Toronto studio.  Check out how cute this little guys is (including his blue chow tongue!).

Taz - German Shepherd & Chow Chow Cross

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