Keeper and Mickey

Jason KB Photo :: Dog Photographer Toronto

Keeper and Mickey

Keeper (a German Shepherd and American Bulldog mix) and Mickey (a long haired Dachshund) are a bit of an unlikely pair, but are best buds nonetheless.  Mickey - sharp sweater dude!

Mickey - “The girls love me in this sweater!”

Mickey - “…but I choose naked any day!”

Mickey - “Sure feels good to be naked!”

Keeper - “Is he talking about being naked again?”

Keeper - “All that dog ever talks about is how much he LOVES being naked!”

Keeper - “Boring, yawn….”

The Massassauga Provincial Park

Jason KB Photo :: Pet Photography Toronto

The Massassauga Provincial Park

Here are some more camping pictures, this time from The Massassuaga Provincial Park.

Georgian Bay rock formations

View of the sunset from our campsite

Late night dish duty

A wild blueberry patch at the campsite = extra delicious breakfast!

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