Lily and Aunt Jillian

Last year we were contacted by Caroline, who was looking to commission portraits of her Golden Retriever Lily for her beautiful modern home in Toronto’s Lytton Park neighbrouhood. She had heard rave reviews about us from a friend and knew we were the right photographer for her. We met with Caroline for her portrait consultation where we learned about Lily’s unique character and what Caroline envisioned for her artworks. Lily was six months old at the time and is very playful and loving. She also enjoys being the centre of attention and sometimes achieves this by causing a little bit of mischief. Caroline wanted some beautiful portraits that captured Lily’s adorable puppy stage of life. We couldn’t wait to get started.  

When Caroline and Lily joined us at our photo studio, we were greeted with a surprise. Just the day before Caroline had welcomed a new dog to her family and brought her along for the shoot. Jillian is her name and she’s a slightly older Golden Retriever from the same breeder as Lily. She is a sweet and calm girl with a beautiful coat similar to Lily’s. Since the girls are related somewhere down the line, Caroline decided she’d refer to her as Aunt Jillian since Lily and Jillian sounded too similar. As our photo shoot began Angus used treats to get the dogs comfortable in our studio, and also with each other. He then broke out his arsenal of dog toys to get Lily and Aunt Jillian into more energetic and dynamic poses. Using these different techniques, Angus was able to help Jason capture shots that perfectly highlighting the girls’ individual personalities and newfound friendship.

At Caroline’s ordering session we presented her with our favourite images from the photo shoot, and particular arrangements that we thought best exemplified her vision. We helped Caroline to narrow down her favourites and finally decided on a triptych of two 24” x 24″ and one 24” x 30″ metal prints with silver flush mount frames. These pieces are a classy and timeless addition to Caroline’s home, and fulfilled just what she was looking for. She also chose some of her other favourite photos to be made into a session album, which is a beautiful addition to her coffee table. These images really captured the beginning of Lily and Aunt Jillian’s life long relationship and will surely put a smile on Caroline’s face every time she sees them.

Art around the city

This spring I have been working on gaining a greater audience for my art by partnering with pet service providers throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  My pet photography is now on display at an ever growing number of high end pet retailers, veterinary clinics, and groomers.  Stay tuned for in depth posts on all of my partners and for updates on new locations.  You can currently find my work at the following locations:

Studio Portrait Session

Welcome to the studio! This is where all the Jason KB Photo magic happens!  Our brand new studio is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of photographing animals.  The studio is equipped with animal-friendly flooring and backdrops, the latest super-rapid lighting equipment, and, of course, a huge array of toys and treats to keep your animal happy while in front of the camera.

During all portrait sessions, Angus (the studio manager and resident animal handler) and clients work together to elicit a large variety of classic and modern poses from the animals.  Angus can coax even the most timid of animals to ‘smile’ for the camera using positive reinforcement and an endless reserve of patience.

A typical portrait session lasts between two and three hours.  During this time, Jason uses a variety of lighting setups to highlight different features of his subjects.  Clients follow the progress of the session on an adjacent monitor that displays images as they are captured.  Clients provide feedback throughout the session to ensure that the images being captured truly reflect the unique characteristics of their companion.  A delicious spread of snacks and beverages is always on hand to keep energy high throughout the portrait session.  After all, it’s not just the animals that are working hard!

If an animal is not able to travel to the studio, we will happily setup a mobile studio where possible.  This is particularly helpful when shooting large animals that can’t fit in the studio (e.g. horses) or when shooting animals that don’t like to leave the comfort of their home (e.g. cats).

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