Thriving Through The New Year

If you think the holidays are overwhelming, you can imagine how it feels for your dog. From the countless parties and people and all too much food (we know you’ve snuck them some leftover snacks, too!), the routine can head out the window throughout this joyous season. Fortunately, the slow, winter months are coming where you can both breathe a sigh of relief over some much needed R&R. Follow these new years, new pet tips for a new, improved Fido.

Life is Just a Walk in the Park: Get in Shape!

From power walks to fetch races, there are countless active games you can play with your pet throughout the year. Don’t forget that just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean it’s time to become a couch potato! After all, an inactive dog often becomes destructive and depressed. Make a plan on how to mix up your routine before the year ends to keep you accountable once January starts. From mixing up your daily route to keep things interesting or heading out on a run to increase stamina, the time to get out there is now!

He is What He Eats

While many of us feed our pets better than we feed ourselves, there’s no time like the present for a little reminder. An overweight dog can cause many health problems, so be sure to find out the right weight for its breed. If he’s too heavy, it’s time to start cutting those calories. Many owners eyeball food, but measuring out the proper amount can help them drop some pounds. The recommended feeding guidelines are often on each bag. There are many varying factors that affect type and quantity of food, such as age and activity level. If you aren’t sure the right food choice for your pup, ask your vet!

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Love is one of the most important things we have to give - and our dogs give us so much of it, they deserve a little, too. Especially after your dog has exercised, eaten, used the bathroom outside or otherwise done an action that you’ve requested, give him attention! Don’t forget, though, offering attention at the wrong time can reinforce negative behaviours - so be careful.

Play the Day Away

Running after a ball isn’t just exercise. Did you know it can enhance many of your pets hidden talents? Next time you’re putting away that squeaky toy, keep in mind a few more minutes of play can help keep his mind sharp and focused, increase his social skills and the best part? It creates that anti-stress moment that will help you both forget about whatever happened that day. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Don’t forget - goals aren’t just for people! What’s on the top of your list for your pet in 2019?

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