Lola and Tommy

Hello Jason KB fans! It’s that time of week again, so herrrrrrrrrrre’s Sebastian!

This week I will be bashing away at the keyboard with my paws waxing philosophically about the intricacies of big dog/little dog relationships. Case in point: Lola and Tommy. 

Lola is the oh-so-ladylike poodle and Tommy is the spunky little Yorkshire terrier/pomeranian cross. Have you ever wondered just how us dogs are able to identify another animal as a dog, even though they may look totally and utterly different from us? Think chihuahua meets great dane. Strange, no? Even though they’re completely different, the chihuahua knows that massive great dane is another of its kind, and the great dane, if it can avoid stepping on it, knows the chihuahua is another dog, too. The jury is still out as to whether or not the great dane would think the chihuahua is a puppy, but the point is, us dogs aren’t phased by looks and size and this can help to explain why some of the greatest dog-friendships form between little dogs and big dogs. 

When Lola and Tommy came by the studio, I was immediately intrigued by their size difference and so put on Jason’s my reading glasses, to make me look smarter while I sat and thought about it. Lola had lots of energy and Tommy had plenty of attitude, and they really made a great pair. In the end, I came to the conclusion that for a pair like Lola and Tommy, they don’t see another dog that looks vastly different from them, they just see a friend, despite their size. Everybody all together: “Awwwww!” 

Enjoy some photos of Lola and Tommy below and don’t forget to check out their album on the Jason KB Photo facebook page for more great photos.

Sebastian out!

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