Gangster Dogs

My studio is always looking for the next exciting project.  The more challenging the better, so when we were approached by Undercover Animals Magazine to create a photo essay of the world’s most wanted dogs, we jumped at the opportunity.

The success of this project would hinge on our ability to infiltrate the secretive and dangerous world of organized dog criminals.  In order to pull this off we needed a very specialized team.  First, we hired experienced undercover dog detectives to roam the streets in search of the scent of canine crime. Once our targets had been identified we had to figure out a way to photograph them without their knowledge.  Enter the Ninja Cats - our elite team of fearless feline ninjas.  These masters of deception were fitted with remote controlled cameras and tasked with the dangerous mission of sneaking into the dens of the gangsters dogs while I photographed them from afar.  Despite a few close calls, no cats were injured on this project.

The results of all our hard work - an incredible set of portraits that casts light on the world of dog crime for the first time in history.  Check out the December 2013 issues ofUndercover Animals Magazine for the complete story.

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